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IPPS Annual Meeting 2019 speaker profile: Wednesday, October 16th - Dr. Yan Chen

IPPS Annual Meeting 2019 speaker profile: Wednesday, October 16th - Dr. Yan Chen

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Speaker Preview

Dr. Yan Chen Professor
Ornamental Horticulture at LSU 

PROGRAM DETAILS: IPM Approaches for the Management of Chilli Thrips and Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

Chilli thrips is an important invasive pest that affects greenhouse and nursery production of many ornamentals, and crapemyrtle bark scale is a relatively new pest on crapemyrtle that has raised concerns for both nursery production and landscape use of this plant. This presentation will introduce IPM approaches such as scouting and monitoring, use of entomological fungi and other bio-pesticides, and responsible use of systemic insecticides, with a touch on conserving beneficial and pollinators.

BIO: Dr. Yan Chen is a Professor in Ornamental Horticulture at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station. Dr. Chen received her BS and MS degree from China Agriculture University, and her PhD in horticulture as well as a Graduate Certificate in entomology from Kansas State University. Dr. Chen has provided research and extension services to the Green Industry in Louisiana since 2005, and her research interests have been focused on IPM and interactions between plants and insect pests, and the use of PGR in production and landscape management. A new direction Yan has taken on is to evaluate the viability of commercial tea production in Louisiana.