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Meet Louise Heissel, the 2022 European Region Exchange Candidate

Meet Louise Heissel, the 2022 European Region Exchange Candidate

Many of you got to meet the European Exchange Candidate, Louise Heissel, at the 2022 IPPS SR Annual Meeting in Athens, Georgia. Here's more about Louise, in her own words, and her thoughts on her time in the US with IPPS SR:

"I’m a danish girl working and living in Germany. In Denmark the nurseries are spread all over the country, and frankly there used to be a lot more of them than there is now. So when I got the opportunity to move to one of the most concentrated nursery districts of Germany I took it.

So I finished my danish academy profession degree specializing in horticulture in 2019 and started working in northern Germany (specifically Pinneberg) as a form of extension agent for a growers association. I get to work with producers of all kinds, from tree growers in containers and open field through native seed productions of trees in plugs to ornamental shrubs and perennials. My field of work mainly focuses on plant nutrition, growing medias, irrigation etc.

The time that I got to spend at the IPPS SR meeting surrounded by some of the Rockstars of our business was a gift. The technical talks were on point and the student presentations were very impressive! Like I said on the last evening, the amount of experience and knowledge gathered at that conference was almost intimidating. It is only ALMOST intimidating because of that inviting sense of familiarity that exists at every IPPS meeting.

After the conference I got to spend time with Brie. What a pleasure! In the car we got to discuss some of the nursery visits and talk about the presentations and all the interesting people from the conference. In between nurseries, gardens, garden centers and research facilities I got to spend time in the North Carolina mountains, at the beach in Wilmington and at a very special family dinner in Rougemont.

I really had a great time visiting the U.S. THANK YOU ALL!"

Click here to learn more about our Young Professional Exchange Program and read about IPPS SR's Exchange Program Candidate, Erika Ramos! We will begin accepting applications for 2023 soon, stay tuned!