Our Mission
We, the members of the International Plant Propagators’ Society, Southern Region of North America, are joined together by a common interest in the production and propagation of plants. “To Seek and to Share” is our motto, as we seek new ideas, new techniques and new plants. We enthusiastically share that which we learn. Ultimately, through our interactions with one another, we strive to increase our plant knowledge. With this knowledge, we hope to increase profitability in our industry and to beautify the landscape for this and future generations.

Policy Statement
The IPPS-SRNA is committed to providing an environment of civility, inclusion and professionalism where diverse ideas and solutions to green industry challenges and opportunities are embraced. This expectation of respectful behavior includes details outlined in the Ethic, Non-Discrimination and Inclusion, and Anti-Harassment Policies included in the IPPS-SRNA Operations Manual.

What We Are All About
Passion: for this Society and for plants.

Volunteerism: freely exchanging knowledge and methods, helping others, presenting at and attending annual meetings.

Networking and building lasting friendships and professional connections with leaders in the industry.

Recognizing the achievements of members via the Fellows and Sidney B. Meadows awards

Professional development for students through our Student Research Competition and Vivian Munday Scholarship

Global focus: IPPS is a global organization, with members all across the world. Through our Early Career Professional International Exchange Program, budding professionals have the opportunity to do travel to nurseries in other regions of the world.

Our History
The first IPPS Southern Region of North America meeting was in Mobile, Alabama in 1976 as a result of the efforts of Charlie Parkerson (1st President), Bryson James, Johnny Wight, Sidney Meadows, John Machen, Jake Tinga, Ray Self, Don Shadow. The first meeting started with 52 members and we now have over 300 members.

For more information on how we got started, check out the paper written our first President, Charles Parkerson!

For the History of the Gavel, click here.

For the Presentation of the Bell to IPPS-SR, click here.

For information on the Stamp Collection, click here.

For a complete list of past Presidents, award winners, and honorary members, click here.

Who can join?
Membership is for individuals only. Any professionals in all fields of plant production, including horticultural research and education, students in horticulture, botanists and allied suppliers to the plant production industry, may apply for membership.

IPPS Membership is organized and administered on a Regional level. Each Region is a defined geographical area. The current Regions are: Australia, Europe, Eastern Region of North America, Southern Region of North America, Western Region of North America, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa.

Anyone not residing in any of the current geographical regions may apply for an International membership, administered by the IPPS International Office.

Please apply on the Join IPPS page.