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IPPS Annual Meeting 2019 speaker profile: Monday, October 14th - Stan Brown

IPPS Annual Meeting 2019 speaker profile: Monday, October 14th - Stan Brown

Monday, October 14th 2019 Annual Meeting Speaker Preview

Stan Brown
Owner, Plants of Redlick

PROGRAM DETAILS: Crapemyrtles, past, present and possibilities

Even with many new introductions each year, there are opportunities for improvements in the crapemyrtle family. In the last sixty years, crapemyrtles have undergone numerous changes due to new species, genetic manipulation and many devoted plant breeders. With more new traits available, many new combinations remain unexplored. Some areas of potential improvements will be examined including bloom season, size control and insect susceptibility.

BIO: Stan Brown grew up on a small farm in NW Arkansas where poultry, fruit, cattle and nursery stock were produced. Stan is a graduate of the University of Arkansas where, as an undergraduate, he worked with Dr. Jack Hull in small fruits. After completing his military service, he returned to the University where he worked on tree fruits for 20 years under Dr. Roy Rom. Following his many years of work at the Fruit Substation in Clarksville, Stan opened a garden center and wholesale field growing division. After 40 years in business, Stan sold his operation in 2016. For over 32 years he has had an active crapemyrtle breeding program. Stan has been a member of the Arkansas Horticulture Society for more than 50 years and served on the Arkansas State Plant Board for many years.