Papers presented at IPPS-SRNA Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach, Oct. 22-26, 2016

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Technical Session opening remarks by Laura Miller and Kevin Gantt
Going Nuts: Continuing a 40-Year-Old Woody Ornamental Breeding

Author: Thomas J. Molnar

Changes in the Physical, Chemical, and Hydrologic Properties of Pine Bark over Twelve Months of Aging

Author: Laura E. Kaderabek, Brian E. Jackson, and William C. Fonteno

Impacts of Preemergence Herbicide Formulation on Cost and Weed Control Efficacy for Container Nursery Crop Producers

Author: Debalina Saha, Chris Marble, Nathan S. Boyd and Shawn Steed

Cardinal Temperatures and Thermal Time for Seed Germination of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

Author: Robert .L. Geneve, Evan W. Janes and Sharon T. Kester

Scheduling Propagation Year Round

Author: David Threatt

Plant Gems from China

Author: Donghui Peng, Longqing Chen and Mengmeng Gu

Gulf Coast Appalachia - A New Frontier: Exploring the Trees and Shrubs of the Red Hills of Alabama

Author: Bobby Green

Trulieve: The Production of Medicinal Marijuana in Florida

Author: George Hackney

What Are They Teaching Kids in School These Days? A Look at Plant Propagation Courses at NC State

Author: Lis Meyer

Woody Ornamentals for a 21st Century Landscape – A Texas Perspective

Author: David Creech

Recycled Water Quality Dynamics and Implications for Ornamental Crop Production

Author: Chuanxue Hong

Using Mind Control Tactics to Manipulate Employees

Author: Lindsay Day

Effects of Tween® 20 on Growth and Drought Tolerance of Coleus ‘Wasabi’ (Solenostemon scutellarioides L. Codd)

Author: Daniel P. Greenwell, Jeff L. Sibley, Adam F. Newby, Carolyn W. Ro

All Particles Matter: The Impact of Characterizing Horticultural Substrates

Author: Paul C. Bartley III, Brian E. Jackson and William C. Fonteno