Papers presented at IPPS-SRNA Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, Oct. 28 - 31, 2017

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Technical Session, Monday Morning, 30 October 2017

Author: Kevin Gantt

Technical Session
Nursery Innovation on a Budget - Making Every Penny Count ©

Author: James C Harden Jr.

Foodscaping: Revolution or Evolution? ©

Author: Brienne Gluvna Arthur

Commentary on Woody Plant Breeding Opportunities ©

Author: Michael A. Dirr

How scary is this? Two Emerging Pests: Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire (Insecta: Coleoptera: Buprestidae) and Crapemyrtle bark scale (Acanthococcus (=Eriococcus) lagerstroemiae Kuwana) (Sternorrhynca: Eriococcidae) ©

Author: Michael E. Merchant

Hartmann and Kester’s Principles and Practices of Plant Propagation: A Sneak Preview of the 9th Edition ©

Author: Sandra B. Wilson, Fred T. Davies, Jr, and Robert L. Geneve

Mulching for Weed Control: Influence of Type, Depth, Herbicide Formulation and Activation Irrigation Level on Germination and Growth of Three Container Nursery Weed Species ©

Author: Debalina Saha, Chris Marble, Brian J. Pearson, Hector E. Perez, G

Student paper
Are Cuttings a Viable Alternative to Seeds for Sweet Basil Production? ©

Author: Haijie Dou, Mengmeng Gu, and Genhua Niu

Student paper
Isopropyl Alcohol and Auxin Application Method Affect Phytotoxicity of Herbaceous Stem Cuttings ©

Author: James T. Ray, Eugene K. Blythe, Guihong Bi, Patricia R. Knight, D

Student paper
IPPS European Exchange 2016 ©

Author: Leanne Kenealy

Back to the Future: Insights Learned Over Many Years – Relevant Then, Now and for the Future ©

Author: Carl E. Whitcomb

What’s New in the Biology of Cutting Propagation ©

Author: Fred T. Davies, Jr.

Flying Dangerous – Drones & the Nursery Industry ©

Author: J. Robbins and J. M. Maja

Life Long Learners: Guilt by Association ©

Author: James P. Wilhite

Beyond Kungpao Chicken: The Plants of Eastern China ©

Author: Donghui Peng, Jiayuan Li, Mengmeng Gu

The History of the Texas Superstar Program ©

Author: Greg Grant

The Bailey Nursery Approach to Sourcing, Evaluating and Introducing New Plants ©

Author: Natalia Hamill

Pre-emerge Herbicides and Mulches for Weed Control in Container-grown Tree Seedlings ©

Author: Anthony L. Witcher

Student paper
Effects of Chicken Manure Compost and High Percentage of Biochar on Container-Grown Basil (Ocimum basilicum) ©

Author: Lan Huang, Ping Yu and Mengmeng Gu

Student paper
Propagation and out planting of Chrysopsis species endemic to the Florida Panhandle ©

Author: G. E. Campbell-Mart&iacutenez, N. Hooton, M. Thetford, D. Miller

Student paper
An Evaluation of Consumers’ Preferences for Toxic Plants in the Indoor Environment ©

Author: Shea A. Keene, T.N. Kalk, D.G. Clark, T.A. Colquhoun, and H.R. Mo

Influence of Herbicide Application Volume on Weed Control in Non-Irrigated Nursery Production Areas ©

Author: Crystal Conner, Chris Marble, and Annette Chandler