Papers presented at IPPS-SRNA Annual Meeting in Tampa, Oct. 10, 2015

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Author: David Creech

Growth Performance of Container-Grown Flowering Dogwoods with Different Shade Intensity and Color©1

Author: Matthew W. Burrows, Donna C. Fare, Charles H. Gilliam and D. Jo

Amending Pine Bark with Swine Lagoon Compost: Is Poo the Answer?

Author: M.T. Williams, H.T. Kraus and E.D. Riley&copy1 Department of Hort

IPPS Young Propagator Exchange program Exchange Program

Author: Brienne Gluvna Arthur

Evapotranspiration Based Irrigation at Saunders Brothers Nursery

Author: Lindsay Day

Who wants to be a Researcher? Getting Meaningful Results from On-Site Nursery Research Trials

Author: Chris Marble

A Simple and Efficient Method of Germinating Cycad Seeds

Author: Bart Schutzman

Efficiency Through Innovation

Author: James Harden

Recycling Used Container Media with Solarization

Author: Shawn T. Steed

Rain Gardens: Understanding Their Benefits and Their Beauty

Author: Elizabeth D. Riley and Helen T. Kraus

How Newcomers and Millennials Will Succeed in the Green Industry

Author: Elliott Hallum

Update on Crapymyrtle Bark Scale

Author: Xiaoya Cai, Haijie Dou, and Mengmeng Gu

Developing a Risk Assessment Tool for Evaluating Potential Invasiveness of Ornamental Plants

Author: Joseph M. DiTomaso and Christiana Conser

Mulch type affects degradation and weed control potential in container production

Author: Paul Bartley, Matthew Burrows, Glenn Wehtje, and Charles Gilliam

Effects of Maintained Substrate Water Contents from Transplant to Early Stage of Potted Impatiens

Author: Anthony T. Bowden, Adam F. Newby, Glenn B. Fain, and Daniel E. We