9 April 2020

Update from President Brie Arthur and the Executive Committee

Dear IPPS Southern Region Members,

On behalf of the 2020 Executive Committee, I would like to first offer our best wishes to everyone. These are challenging and confusing times; navigating a public health crisis is a new experience for all. As we face great uncertainty over how the next few months will unfold, we are dedicated to keeping an open stream of communication with membership.


As of this time, NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE REGARDING THE CANCELLATION OF THE TULSA 2020 MEETING October 24-28, 2020A final decision will be made in mid-June in consideration of members’ safety & travel plans.

The EC will follow WHO, Federal, and State guidelines and will continue to make sound decisions that reflect the safety of our membership and the financial security of the society. It is critical that you fill out the survey in the May newsletter to help guide our decision making. We are looking to other organizations for setting meeting cancellation policies, including American Hort (http://cultivateevent.org/coronavirus-statement), APGA, PPA, Garden Comm and IPPS ER.

The 2020 IPPS International and Western Region meetings have been cancelled. As a result, the International Board voted to adjust the schedule by one year. Southern Region will now host the International Tour in 2024 in Durham, NC. IPPS European Region, Australia, and New Zealand have also postponed their 2020 meetings.

Most importantly, the Executive Committee will continue to operate with prudence for the safety of membership and the financial viability of IPPS in these unprecedented times. As more details become available, we will keep you informed. As always, we are here to support your professional development and welcome your feedback. Please fill out the survey below to help us serve your needs: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YF8H86G

We appreciate your patience and hope you, your family, and your business stay well.

Brie Arthur
2020 President
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