6 June 2019

IPPS Annual Meeting 2019 speaker profile: Monday, October 14th - Dr. James Robbins

Dr. Jim Robbins

Monday, October 14, 2019 Speaker Preview

Dr James Robbins
Professor and Extension Specialist, Univ. of Ark. CES

PROGRAM DETAILS: I have a drone, now what can I do with it?

Purchasing a drone system for your horticulture business may be a bit scary but it does not have to be. This presentation will go over the basics of purchasing a drone and then we will demonstrate, using free software, how you can generate useful images.

BIO: For the past 21 years Dr. Robbins has been an extension specialist in commercial ornamental horticulture at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.His role is to support all Green Industry businesses including garden centers, wholesale growers, and landscapers. Prior to working for the University of Arkansas, he spent 9 years in the ornamentalplant industry working at Briggs Plant Propagators and IMC Vigoro.

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