4 February 2019

Changes to the IPPS-SR Constitution - Overview of changes and reminder to vote

“To approve the changes to the IPPS International Constitution as approved by the International Board of Directors on September 22, 2018 and presented to the members in January, 2019.”

Summary of the changes to the Constitution:

  • Adds the right of Regions to define their own territories and to have the territories defined as Appendix ‘A’ to the Constitution
  • Adds a new process for approving new Regions, i.e. approval required of a majority of Regions plus the Board. This process was previously not defined.
  • Active members will now include those “previously employed” in horticulture “as a career”
  • The classification of “Privileged” Members is removed because we weren’t using it.
  • International (formerly “at-large”) members are now more fully defined.
  • Wording which referred to all delegates as “directors” has been changed to “Alternate Delegates” instead of “Alternate Directors” to conform to our usual practice and to avoid any misunderstandings about the voting status of directors.
  • Term lengths and limits for the Executive positions are more clearly defined
  • Adds to the Board the right to fill vacancies on the Board
  • Adds a dollar limit to the signing authority of the Executive Secretary
  • Requires approval of travel expenses by a member of the Executive Committee
  • Sets out more clearly the process by which the Constitution can be amended
  • Names the governing law of the organization

Click here to vote on the changes. Deadline to vote is March 16th.

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