About IPPS Southern Region

Our Mission

We, the members of the International Plant Propagators’ Society, Southern Region of North America, are joined together by a common interest in the propagation of plants. “To Seek and to Share” is our motto, as we seek new propagation ideas, new propagation techniques and new plants. We enthusiastically share that which we learn. Ultimately, through our interactions with one another, we strive to increase our plant propagation knowledge. With this knowledge we hope to increase profitability in our industry and to beautify the landscape for this and future generations.

Our History

The International Plant Propagators’ Society, Southern Region of North America, celebrated its 43rd anniversary at the annual meeting in Chattanooga, TN in 2018.

The first meeting of the Southern Region of North America was held in Mobile, Alabama, December 7-9, 1976.

For more information on how we got started, check out the paper written by the person that wrote about it, our first President, Charles Parkerson!

What We Are All About

  • People Have a Passion for this Society……….Volunteerism.
  • This organization: IPPS –All about seeking & sharing; our motto: “Seek & Share”
  • As members you will be asked to give back to the IPPS with exchange & sharing of your knowledge, helping, volunteering, giving talks and regularly attending annual meetings
  • Unique culture of IPPS:
  • Uniqueness of nursery competitors opening up their facilities (with tours) and sharing ideas, openness of the nursery industry.
  • Camaraderie and life-long friendships developed; networking, career opportunities—may find a future business employer or business partner in this group.
  • Knowledge you will gain– not just about propagation, but all aspects of the nursery industry and about people
  • IPPS geared towards the commercial nursery industry, but we are a noncommercial group—nothing is sold here—we share in the exchange of knowledge. One learns quickly at the annual 2-hour question box-bull session on Tuesday night that there is no one best way — rather, many ways to tackle problems successfully. Some of the best propagation and nursery industry minds are here.
  • The IPPS was founded in 1951 with 70 propagators in Cleveland by Jim Wells, an Englishman who had a nursery in NJ. Jim Wells was non-traditional and went against the grain. Back then, the British were tight-lipped. Wells broke with tradition. In Britain, propagators & nurserymen just didn’t give away propagation information, which were considered “trade secrets”. Jim realized you only get better by sharing and exchanging information. Wells not only founded the first IPPS Region – the Eastern Region – but later helped organize the British-Irish region and spread the seeds for new international regions to be formed.
  • Today the IPPS is truly international — 8 regions around world plus South African Region – 3 regions in US ; 2,200 members world-wide.
  • The first IPPS-SRNA meeting was in Mobile, Alabama in 1976. Catalysts of getting the region goining were: Charlie Parkerson (1st President), Bryson James, Johnny Wight, Sidney Meadows, John Machen, Jake Tinga, Ray Self, Don Shadow. The first meeting started with 52 members. We now have around 300 members.
  • We hope you catch the spirit of the IPPS to “seek and share”; lifetime career and personal opportunities.
  • With Globalization – IPPS has an international exchange program. There are opportunities for young propagators to do study-work-travel programs with nurseries in other regions of the world. Peter Orum of the Eastern Region currently coordinates this and information is on the IPPS Website

We welcome you!

New, participating members are the life blood of this organization!


During 1951 a group of about 70 plant propagators met in Cleveland, Ohio, and formed the IPPS with the aim to share their knowledge. Their motto: ‘ to seek and to share’. The Society has since broadened into an international forum for sharing plant production knowledge.

Who may become a member?

Membership is for individuals only. Any professionals in all fields of plant production, including horticultural research and education, students in horticulture, botanists and allied suppliers to the plant production industry, may apply for membership.

IPPS Membership is organized and administered on a Regional level. Each Region is a defined geographical area. The current Regions are: Australia, Europe, Eastern Region of North America, Southern Region of North America, Western Region of North America & Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Southern Africa.

Anyone not residing in any of the current geographical regions may apply for an International membership, administered by the IPPS International Office.

Please apply on the membership page.